Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Around Week Seven...

I have been rubbish at updating my blog, but I finally got around to taking a few photos tonight. Unfortunately most of them looked rather blurred when I uploaded them, but I did get one good one - which is included below compared to a similar one from Day 1.

Thus you can see that it really is working - I actually can't believe the difference, very exciting! When I've got mascara on my lashes look HUGE. I haven't experienced any side effects yet either and I'm still on my first bottle too, so it's lasting well. I have given up on my eyebrows now though as I got bored, decided it wasn't doing anything and didn't want to waste it.

Still got a little while to go before week 16 so hopefully the result will be even more dramatic.



  1. And ....where is the result around week 16? Please!!!

    1. Sorry, I didn't ever get around to taking any more pictures after this last post (life got in the way). Lashes were even longer at week 16, the results really were very impressive. When I had mascara on, people often didn't believe that my lashes were real.

      However I have since stopped using it, due to the irritation it caused to the skin on my eyelid. As much as I loved my long lashes, I did not love how red and inflammed my eyelids became with continued use, so I stopped.

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  3. Yes it has been shown a difference between first day to the 7 weeks comparisons has eyelashes started becoming dark and thicker.

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