Friday, 20 August 2010

Day 1

So, hot, hot, hot on the heels of my opening post... I'm back again with the first installment of the adventures of Mooie and Careprost. 

I have had my little bottles of Careprost sat in my dressing table draw for a month and a bit now, but I ordered them when I'd just had some eyelash extensions put on and I didn't want to start using Careprost while I was still wearing them, so I've had to wait for them all to shed and that's taken a remarkably long time! Finally I am back to 100% natural lashes and thus my spirit quest can now commence. 

I applied the Careprost for the first time last night - it should be applied once nightly. It's a clear Newtonian (like water for those non-science people!) liquid, just like any old eye drops to be honest, very unremarkable, doesn't even smell of anything discernible. 

The application method is to draw a line of the stuff across the upper lash line (it shouldn't be used on lower lashes). Latisse comes with single-use sterile applicators, but Careprost doesn't, so I am using a very fine eyeliner brush, which I am washing thoroughly between uses. This worked quite well - I squeezed a drop into a clean sample pot and dipped the brush in - but I did make sure that there wasn't any excess on the brush, as I didn't want it dripping into my eyes. One drop was more than enough to do both eyes and also my eyebrows (apparently it can also work to fill in eyebrows... we'll see!).

I didn't experience any discomfort, which can be a side effect - it can cause sore red eyes and irritation, but so far so good. Another side effect is iris pigmentation (although this is only really seen in people using it as a glaucoma treatment) and pigmentation of the lash line where you apply the Careprost, but I guess I won't see this happening straight away. I will update if I do have any undesirable side effects. 

I'm planning to take some photos every week, I should start to see some difference after a month with it being most effective by about 16 weeks. To start with I took some 'before' photos last night. Please excuse the slightly sinister-looking eye montage...

So that's my starting point - my eyelashes aren't particularly short anyway, although they don't look brilliant at the minute because I may have pulled some out with the last few eyelash extensions and so I've got a few baldy bits.



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